“I couldn’t help it. I happen to have been born to do it.

I am sure that I would have been a rotten failure doing anything else.”

~ Ends Of The Earth ~

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Comical Renderings ~ Modern Dragon Hunter. 1950

By popular demand, here for your edification and enjoyment is another rendering of the Andrews biography rendered into unintelligibility.  Roy Chapman Andrews Modern Dragon Hunter.  True Comics, No. 81, February 1950 [Copyrighted 1949] Anonymous.  I think this is a reprint of an earlier wartime printing, but have temporarily misplaced my reference.  If anybody knows, please drop me a line.

I am unsure of what sources the cartoonist [or his editor] drew upon for images to render this story, perhaps the previously presented Andrews of Asia.  It is a kooky rendering, and yet in its own way endearing.  With thanks to my old friend Staq Mavlen at Atomic Surgery who made all of the original scans.  Enjoy.

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