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I am sure that I would have been a rotten failure doing anything else.”

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Arrived In The Mail ~ Protoceratops andrewsi mounts 1925

A little damp stained and frumpled, all the same, I have never seen this postcard before.  Undated, but judging from when the exhibit was opened to the public in 1925, I am guessing it is from about that same time period.

Two mounts of Protoceratops andrewsi with casts of eggs in a re-created nest.  I find it very nice that the two technicians who worked on these skeletal mounts are given credit; Peter C. Kaisen, and Charles J. Lang.  Peter Kaisen was a member of the Central Asiatic Expeditions, and a long time employee of the American Museum of Natural History.
Charles Lang - Technician at AMNH working on a model of Triceratops

Peter Kaisen - Technician, and Barnum Brown's right-hand man on almost every dinosaur hunting expedition during the 'Dinosaur Bone Rush' era at the AMNH

Divided back, printed postcard.  Undated Ca. 1930's