“I couldn’t help it. I happen to have been born to do it.

I am sure that I would have been a rotten failure doing anything else.”

~ Ends Of The Earth ~

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Explore with Roy"

BELOIT, Wis. – Congratulations to Robert Hackbarth of Janesville, Wisconsin!  Mr. Hackbarth participated in the “Explore with Roy” Identity Design Contest submitting artwork which will be used in Beloit’s new branding and tourism campaign.  Mr. Hackbarth will receive a cash prize and his selected Beloit area non-profit Friends of RiverFront will receive a matching gift.  Mr. Hackbarth’s winning design represents Beloit’s most famous native son—explorer and anthropologist Roy Chapman Andrews.  Andrews, who remains a historical figure in the city, attended Beloit College and traveled the world as an archeologist.  
Throughout 2011, Beloit will be home to a series of activities incorporating Roy Chapman Andrews’ sense of adventure, daring, and passion for bringing history to life. “Explore with Roy” activities will include a Classic Car Rally;  a Kick-off Event featuring Indiana Jones Movies; Geo-Caching/Scavenger Hunt; an Historic Walking Tour; and a Mural Painting Project; a kayaking event; a bicycling event; and a Fishing Derby; . Mr. Hackbarth’s design provides a recognizable visual identity for the series and will be featured on print materials, T-shirts and electronic advertising.